FOCUS Group Ministries

FOCUS Group Ministries’ mission is to help inmates and their families to know Jesus as their Savior, to mature in their faith, and to help ex-offenders to transition back into society as good citizens by…Changing FOCUS – Changing Lives! Inmate and ex-offenders lives are being “transformed” versus rehabilitated as they find true freedom in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior. The methodology used to accomplish the ministry’s vision of “transformation” takes place behind and beyond the walls of prison.

Behind the Walls, FOCUS uses evangelistic events and Christian Education including a Seminary Extension Program. We now have Housing Units at 2 facilities: the Exodus Project at Knox County Detention Facility and the Fatherhood & Character Building Initiative at Morgan County Correctional Complex. God has also enlarged the ministry’s territory to include women at Knox County Detention Facility and Bledsoe County Correctional Complex. Beyond the Walls, FOCUS Christian Academy now has a residential and non-residential component which includes:  a family living environment, Christian Counseling in addiction recovery, spiritual growth, relationships, finances, and vocational readiness), Transitional Living Skills training, coordinated health care, and Faithworks – a “Back-to-Work” Program.

The newest FOCUS Group Ministries theme is “Families Belong Together” which includes a “Family Re-unification” component where we also minister to the spouses and children of the inmates in order to assist in reconciliation where appropriate. We track our “recidivism” rate of our students (the rate at which they are re-involved with the Criminal Justice System upon release) – the national average is 75%, Tennessee’s average 68%, and our average currently for our graduates is less than 20% – which means that 80% are now contributing positively to their communities. To God be the glory! Details online at

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